About me

Welcome to Delvewood! 

A place where my passion for woodworking and geeky hobbies meet. I combined these hobbies when I started making wooden deck boxes to house my ever-growing collection of Magic the Gathering cards and began selling them in 2017. Soon thereafter Dungeons & Dragons became my main hobby, shifting my focus to dice and dice boxes where I now use both wood and resin in combination.

This is a one man shop! Time and care are put into each and every item. My goals are straightforward. To build high quality gaming products and share them with you. Feedback is welcome. If there is a product or variation that you would like to see in the shop let me know.

If you'd like to see what I'm currently working on follow along on my socials! Links at the bottom of the page. 

Thanks for stopping by!



Current D&D characters 

Wolfgang - Gnome/Fairy Chronurgy Wizard

Uthållig - Tiefling Barbarian

Finish examples