Hey folks! This FAQ is a work in progress. Let me know if you have any questions you think I should add!

Are hybrid dice balanced?

They're balanced enough for tabletop role-playing games! I choose woods close in weight to the resin I use, to minimize imbalance as best I can. For lightweight woods like maple and buckeye, I stabilize them with resin. While not perfect, it generally isn't enough to notice in play. 

What is stabilizing?

Stabilizing is the process of infusing resin into wood or other materials. This process uses a vacuum pump and chamber to draw as much air out of the wood as possible. When the vacuum is released, resin takes the place of the air. For soft woods like buckeye, this more than doubles it's original weight.

How are your dice finished?

Currently all of my dice, both hybrid and wood, are finished with a matte lacquer top coat. This provides a protective finish for the wood while giving an aesthetically pleasing and consistent look overall. Check out the video below for comparisons between different finishing techniques.



Finish examples