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Grove - Cholla D20

Grove - Cholla D20

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This D20 features Cholla cactus wood with green resin. The numbers are painted green. Matte lacquer finish.

Hybrid dice are created by combining wood and resin. While wood is a durable material, a bit more care must be taken with wooden dice. It's best to roll your wooden dice on a soft surface and store them with care. Each D20 comes in a foam lined tin for safe keeping.

This D20 is 20mm face to face.

Please understand, due to the process involved in creating these dice, there may be minor flaws. While I do my best to avoid these issues, you may find surface imperfections. (stray specs of dust, pinhole voids, etc. 

Wood Care

All wood products have a protective finish that maintains the natural beauty of the wood. High temperatures and humidity can cause wood to warp. Dings and scratches can happen. A dry soft cloth is recommended for cleaning in most situations. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with water. It is recommended to store your wood items in a temperature controlled environment such as inside your home, ideally out of direct sunlight.

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